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    CS6 epubExportPreferences property in a book document is returning an error

    Edward Guild

      I seem to be encountering an unexpected error when trying to access the epubExportPreferences in an InDesign CS6 (version 8.0.1x403) Book.


      In CS5.5 I was able to access the ePub export preferences via myBook.epubExportPreferences. In CS6 this same line of code returns an obscure error:

      "Error: epubExportPreferences"


      I have no problems getting at the epubExportPreferences of an InDesign document (INDD) in CS6. In CS5.5 I needed to access the Book's epubExportPreferences to customize the ePub Export Preferences before exporting an ePub from the book document. I assume this method hasn't changed from CS5.5 to CS6?


      To further test this issue I made a quick script to cycle through all the available properties in an open Book document. When I run this script it hits the epubExportPreferences property and returns the error "Error: epubExportPreferences".



      var myBook = app.books[0];
      for (a in myBook) {
                try {
                          $.writeln(a + ": " + myBook[a]);
                } catch(e) {
                          $.writeln(a + " had an error: " + e);


      Any suggestions? Have I found a bug in the CS6 DOM?

      Thanks for any help you can offer,

      /ed guild