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    Export Animation from InDesign to Acrobat

    ZenDao Level 1

      Just a few questions on adding/using animations in InDesign...


      - Can I added animations to different items on a page? It seems like you can. Which leads up to my second question...


      - There's the mini preview in the animation panel and page transition. Generic though. But is there a way to actually preview the effects with the actual content from within InDesign?


      - I have added basic animations (e.g. wipe and fade) to a slide presentation I made in InDesign. When I export the file to Acrobat (interactive version, correct?), it doesn't work.


      - I did some searches on the web. So far, the threads I found indicate that I should export it as Flash file and place it back into the InDesign layout. Round about way of doing this. It kind or work but choppy results. Is this the only way to get this to work using (InDesign and Acrobat)?