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    opening ebooks

    dladidotti Level 1

      I get a "can not open this book as this device is not activated" message when I try to open ebooks.  I have activated and followed instructions. Please HELP??? thanks, dladidotti

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          What device is it?  The PC/Mac?  An ereader?  The answer makes all the

          difference in helping you.  And, please include more information on the

          status of the ebook, plus what you've done so far (installation,

          registration with Adobe, registration of an ereader with the




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            dladidotti Level 1

            It's a Pandigital multimedia ereader (white).I have installed and registered with Adobe.  Also registered the ereader with the manufacturer. I can open the books on my pc.  I am able to download successfully to my husband's older Pandigital from my pc.  On the other hand, I cannot successfully download to the new one from my pc or my husband's desktop.  I am thinking now that the problem may be with the ereader itself.?.  thank you so much for your input.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              Check the list of supported ereaders at THIS


              I think the one you're talking about is on the list.  You can check the

              instructions that came with it - or its help file - to see if there's

              something that might help also (which you probably did).


              Sometimes, ereaders may need to be reset physically once in a while (to

              cure their Alzheimer's), and that might help.


              Also, certain ebooks will not let you transfer them from your PC to an

              ereader because of the digital rights that the publisher or distributor has

              assigned to them.  You can check this out by looking at the properties of

              the ebook on your computer: bring up ADE in Library mode, and click on the

              small arrow next to the name of the ebook.  A drop-down menu will appear,

              with a choice of "Item Info".  Click on that, and about halfway down the

              next screen are properties.  If it says you cannot copy the ebook, then the

              digital rights won't let you do it, and the message you're seeing really

              means this instead of what it says.


              Hope this helps!