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    Premiere and Media Encoder issues with Matrox

    jptoney7852 Level 1

      I have a Matrox MXO2 LE w/Max and I am using Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection.  I have an Nvidia Quadro 5000 with Nvidia Driver version 275.89.  My Matrox version is I also use Avid Media Composer 6.
      My issue is the following.  When using Adobe Media Encoder, my application hangs if I have Avid or Premiere or anything else that might use the Matrox drivers.  I have to wait several minutes between mouse clicks for AME to come responsive.  This occurred once I installed the Matrox device and drivers.  Prior to this, I had no issue with AME.  I also have freshly formatted my system to see if that would have fixed the issues.
      This happens not only in AME but also Premiere when Exporting to file.
      Everything was installed correctly, beyond the issues with Matrox, my system works fine.
      However, I am also editing HD footage with a NTSC output via the Matrox WYSIWYG preview settings.  When I add footage to a timeline (lets say Matrox HD 1280x720 59.94) the footage shows up with a RED indicator. Can someone explain why this is, when the footage and sequence match? It causes playback to stutter, and I am getting slow video response, dropped frames, or still video.