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    Rendering slower after moving footage to faster drive


      Hey all


      Really not sure what's going on here. After following the Adobe performance guidelines for hard disks I moved all of my footage from an external drive that was being shared with the project and preview files, to a new exernal drive with better specs.


      Running a disk test application the previous drive was getting write times of 60MB/s and read times of 30MB/s. This is a WD Studio 2TB external drive. On the new G-Tech drive I'm getting write times the same but double the read times at 68MB/s. So as per the guidelines I moved all of my source footage there and updated the paths in the project file. Both drives are connected via FW800.


      Testing a render of a preview on a clip went from 10 mins on the old drive to now 40 minutes on the new drive! Can anyone give me an idea of what is going on? This should not be slower, it should be faster, right?


      UPDATE: A restart of Premiere got the time down from 40 minutes to a more reasonable time but dissapointed that I don't really see any improvement, if anything seems slower and benchmarks show the media is definetely on the faster drive of the two.