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    Can't import mxf files into AE CS5.5 beyond that the files were rendered on the same AE

    Guido Giardino F

      When I try to import a MXF file AE crash inmediatly. The weird thig is that these MXF files were rendered in the same AE.


      I rendered my composition in MXF xdcamhd 50PAL, then when I try to load it in AE it crashes!! But in Premiere Pro this problem do not happens. I can load them in it fine.


      The Error message is:


      • "After Effects error: Crash in progress. last logged message was: <7984>

                <DynamicLink> <5> 000000001C817BB0"


      • Then the message to contact Adobe Technical Support (0::42)


      • Then the chance to save the project




      I'm in AE 5.5 ( - Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 - Intel i7 - 8gb ram