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    Can I view what's OFF the pasteboard?

    robosnacks Level 1

      Every other app but Photoshop seems to let you view what's off the edge of the pasteboard instead of just covering it with gray. I would assume Photoshop also has this capability but defaults it to be off on startup? The option to have both views toggleable would be ideal (and extra 'F' press or something?).


      Anyone know how I can do this? Using Photoshop as a drawing painting tool spans the gamut of the entertainment industry and this ability to 'see and draw outside the box' seems like a simple but profound staple of professional design practices (and why all the other apps default to having it 'on'). Anyone know how to get Photoshop to do this? Seems pretty basic. I see the shapes are there via Marque's etc, I just can't see them. Is it maybe a 'per layer' option?