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    transport to tape in CS 6

    Chris Nierop Level 1

      One of the main problems for me in PPRO CS 5.5 was the "transport to tape" didnot work on my system, despite all the suggestions where made by the forum.My system has been develloped completely as Adobe suggested, two recorders JVC 600 and Sony both failed. I did have many discussions about it on this forum without succes.

      The "transport to tape" did work well with me in PPRO 2.0, and after that, in CS 5 and later, it failed consequently. It was a well known problem, discussed in many forum discussions.


      I think about upgrading to CS 6, but only when this "bug" has been repaired and the "transport to Tape" works as it shoud be. Anyone has some experience on this subject? To the Adobe engineers, do you know if this item was part of the solved problems?