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    Sony EX1 Footage – codec?

    Jack Banatoni Level 1

      Have some footage that is supposedly from a Sony PMW EX1 camera. Some of the files have digital glitching (blocky images, spurts of bad audio noise). The footage is glitched in the Sony media browser and in Premiere Pro CS6. When scrubbing a sequence with this footage, it occasionally gets red and blue spots.


      This sounds like a codec issue to me, but I can't find any update for this format. Has anyone else here encountered this issue with EX1 footage?


      Production Premium CS6

      Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit


      16GB memory

      2GB GTX 560 Ti

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          wfmc staffer Level 2

          Also here:





          The problem also affects Cannon XF camera footage. We've been working with Adobe Support for several weeks trying to get them to provide us with a working licence for CS5.5 until they fix the issue. There has been no help yet. They had me send a sample clip in, then told me what I already knew, that there was nothing wrong with the footage.


          I'm glad word of this has spread to the Creative Cow forums. I'm sure there are lots of users out there who think that it is their camera that has the issue. The more people that know about the issue, the more Adobe will be held to accountability.


          I'm really surprised by the poor experience we've had with CS6. I've been a user since before Premiere Pro, and I've never encountered such a show stopping issue with the software.


          I can't believe that they don't have this listed for users as a known issue either. It should be in a FAQ list until resolved.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            The footage is glitched in the Sony media browser


            That suggests a problem with the actual media, which you might not be able to do anything about besides reshoot.

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              wfmc staffer Level 2

              The footage is glitched in the Sony media browser

              Sorry, I didn't catch that part. The only place the known bug shows up is in CS6 playback, the affected footage plays fine in CS5X and compatible media players.. I would compare the two and see if any clips that are pristine in the Sony viewer are glitchy in Premiere.

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                Jack Banatoni Level 1

                Just tested the clips in CS5 (not 5.5).  They still have the same glitches (usually a blocky green patch of digital garbage).  No suggestions on a codec install that could help this?  Unfortunately, I'm stuck with the footage as is (reshooting isn't an option).  I've never encountered corrupt footage like this before.



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                  Stephen_Spider Level 3

                  Sounds like the original camera or flash media may have had an issue. The issue sounds a little like RF interference that I've experienced before, once on a ride along shoot in a patrol car for example {Red and Blue dots that time as well). Seems like really strong signals in the wrong spectrum can upset internal A\V signal processing or transport, but the actual science to it is beyond me. Anything of note in the shooting enviroment?


                  A messed up power supply, or audio source cable can have strange effects as well. I've run into issues when the camera's power supply and the power for an audio mixing board were out of phase.


                  You might try a batch encode to a suitable codec, however corrupted filed can have terrible issues with that too.


                  You might try searching Sony or Production forums to see if anyone else has dealt with the issue.


                  If all else fails, you may be able to cut around the glitches somewhat, depending on the project.


                  I've converted shots with drop-out glitches to image sequences before and repaired individual frames in photoshop, often by replacing bad pixels with pixels from an adjacent frame.


                  good luck.