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    Scaling to various proportions

    KnarfEK Level 1
      I'm doing a movie that has to scale to any proportion, not just a zoom of the stage but to a horizontal or vertical format as well. And various proportion imported media needs to show on the fly in the correct proportion on the various shaped monitors.

      Seems that scaling sprites needs to be done to the source rect of the working Director stage. Scaling a sprite to the stage or draw rect scales the sprite incorrectly. But the proportions need to look correct on the stage/draw rect. So I need to scale to an odd proportion (to the source rect) to account for the stage scaling to the new draw rect in the projector.

      Just wondering if anyone has done this before or had any tips.

      For example:
      If I make the Director movie a 320x240 and scale runtime to a monitor of 768x1360, scaling a sprite to the (stage) rect way over sizes the sprite since Director actually scales relative to the small source rect.
      I need to figure the distorted proportion to apply to the source rect that will scale correctly when applied to the projected proportion.


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          KnarfEK Level 1
          Managed to find a solution which seems to work.

          Have to do the math to scale the video to the draw or stage rect, figure the percentage of height and width relative to that full rect, then scale the actual sprite to that percent of the source rect.

          The source rect does seem to be a bit mysterious. The only way to change it seems to be to set the movie size, close the Director movie, then reopen it so the correct source rect gets established.