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    Bundling Google? A step too far.


      Dear Adobe,

      I've never written to you before, but you have crossed a line. Installing browser helpers in with my flash player, without my specific consent? Appalling.
      I pay THOUSANDS of pounds to purchase your software (Wonderful it may be..but WAY overpriced.)

      I will choose what to install on my computers thank you.


      You start doing deals with other companies to bundle software, I want to see a hell of a reduction in the cost of your next upgrade.


      Is it the end of the world,nope - it took me just 20 seconds to uninstall straight back off again.

      BUT, the principle.... the principle sucks.


      What is planned next? Party Casino?



      One very annoyed customer.

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          JDH67 Level 1

          OK, so while I was on the forum I read through the other threads and followed a few links and discovered a few things.


          1)  Adobe has little or no respect for it's customers

          2) The replies that DO come from Adobe staff point out that it was OUR mistake for allowing third party add ons.


          Adobe, WHERE is the thread saying "Thanks for offering us all this extra stuff we really appreciate it."