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    Best Logo File Format to Import into AE

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      What is the best logo file format to import into After Effects?  I have the eps file or I can import as a png or a jpg.  I will animate the static logo by having it slide in.  I have found some answers but they differ and I want to be sure to import the correct file format because this will be going on a jumbotron screen.


      Thank you.

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There's no "best" format.  More important is the resolution of your artwork, and the resolution of the files you output from AE.


          Assuming you are using a hi definition output format like 1920x1080, then you would want any rasterised image (like a jpeg or a png) to be at least that resolution.  Rasterised images should never be scaled beyond 100%.


          The advantage of a vector-based file like eps or ai is that you can infinitely scale it and it will be drawn at your required resolution.  If the eps file you have is vector based art (not all eps files are) then it's probably the best thing to use.  Make sure you turn on the "Continuous Rasterization" button on your eps layer to ensure it is drawn at the best resolution.

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            mdwebcat Level 1

            Thank you Andrew!  Sounds like using the eps file is the best way to go.


            The compostition size is 550 px x 720 px and is in HD (required) and will go on a 7 foot screen.  This is my first time working with this specific type of AE project so I want to make sure everything is correct.  We have received a tenmplate to work from - this is from the company that houses the screen.


            Thanks again for taking the time to help!!!!

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              More important than the format for the logo is the format for delivery and the compression scheme expected. Fine detail, as it exists in logos, is easily lost under high compression. Edges go wonky. Colors get fouled up. All kinds of things can go wrong.


              If it were my project I would open the EPS file in illustrator, make sure that it really is vector format, then separate the key elements to their own layers, and bring the whole thing into after effects as a composition.


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                mdwebcat Level 1

                Thank you Rick!


                The logo file was created in Illustrator.  I did notice that when I imported the eps file that the color looks a little off so I also need to see what is going on with that.


                Thanks again.  Your guidance is very helpful.