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    loadMovie- loading an external swf into movieclip in AS3

    fanmap81 Level 1
      m extremely frustrated.........im trying to do something that was once very simple, which has now become over complicated unecessecarily.....i want to do a simple loadMovie type action and load an external clip into a movieclip called ph. my AS2 code would be:



      on(release) {

      This no longer works. Can somebody tell me the new code that i would use with AS3 to do exactly what i just demonstrated? I honestly dont even want to touch AS3. The only reason i want to use it is because it makes skinning the components SOOOOOO much easier than AS2. That is the one and only reason im trying to convert to AS3. All the new load movie AS3 examples ive seen on google look like half a page long to do what i used to do in 2 lines. There must be a simpler and much easier way. I am a designer. It looks to me like Adobe went back to making flash for programmers only again leaving us designers out of the mix. Someone please help me, im desperate. I also have other old code that im sure im going to have to convert to AS3 for it to still work, and i may eventually need help with that as well, but ill stick with this loadMovie problem for now. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks