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    CS4 to CS6 After Effects Color Issue with Linked Photoshop Files


      Hi, I just recently converted a CS4 project into CS6 and everything work wonderfully except that the photoshop files are different in color.  I know this because I took screenshots of the video I was working with and edited them in Photoshop before importing them back in to the project so I know the color should match.  This screenshot may help (as you can see I've increased the brightness and contrast in the affected area so that you may see what is happening.  There is a Photoshop layer that is covering up a number of scratches on the guiter (it is very beat up) and in the original (CS4) project they hid them perfectly while in the CS6 project they are clearly there.




      I am not sure why the Photoshop files are acting differently but they are.  I need to re-export, please help if possible.  Thank you so much.  Jason.