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    2-parter: 1st automatically prompted to upgrade to v11.3.300.271 (which I already had); 2nd: re:11.4




      I have Windows Vista Home Premium, 32 bit.


      Two-parter question:


      Part 1:

      Two hours ago, when I booted my computer, I got automatically prompted to update Flash player to v. 11.3.300.271 (this was the grey update box; came up without me opening any browser or any other program). IE opened up (I have IE9). I followed the steps illustrated by all the screencapped boxes in the IE instructions page... and then nothing happened.


      I checked my Task Manager and saw an Adobe installer was working, but after a while of it not doing anything, I shut my computer down.


      When I booted back up, I checked my Flash Player version and, yes, it's still 11.3.300.271.


      I did some searches on Google and found out that 11.4 is the newest version ...


      So my first question is: Why did it ask me to update to v 11.3.300.271, especially since I already had that version?



      Part 2:

      Since, from my googling mentioned above, I found out that 11.3.300.271 has major security flaws and that users are urged to update to v.11.4.402.265, I used Firefox14 (because that's my prefered browser) and went to get.adobe.com/flashplayer. I followed the steps illustrated by the screencaps again (I noticed they were different this time, probably because it was a different browser).


      When I double-clicked on the file image in the Downloads window, it took me to the folder where I'd saved it. I right-clicked (Windows Explorer would tend to get stuck there, but I waited), clicked on Run as Admin (because I'm on Vista). I clicked Run when it asked me if I wanted to run that file. I clicked Yes to allow it to make changes ... and then the .exe file simply disappeared from my folder and absolutely nothing happened.


      I checked my Flash Player version again, and it is still 11.3.300.271.


      What's going on?


      I'd appreciate any help.

      Thanks in advance!