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    Issue in fetching records...



      I am using MATE Framework's WebServiceInvoker and asp.NET for server side process. I am not well aware of MATE but I have tried to work on it. Till now I am able to get the single record, save records with the help of asp.NET. Please suggest me the link or please give the solution to retrieve multiple records.

      Thanks n advance.

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          I had tried fetching data through .Net webservice from a Flex GIS app. Well in my case, I used a datagrid control to be fetched from data recieved in the form of a dataset.


          The service consisted of methods like:


          public DataSet GetKillaData(int KillaNo)


                      //Make database connection

                      DataSet dbDs = new DataSet();

                      string dbQuery = "//Query for data";




                          // Open connection


                         //some code


                         //some code


                         return dbDs;



          And in the Flex side:

          I had used the remoteObject to invoke the Service method.


          Hope this helps.