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    Bevel Layer Style not displaying correctly when zoomed out.

    Mathias17 Level 3

      Photoshop CS6 incorrectly displays Layer Styles when zoomed out. Different zooms display Layer Styles differently.




      I've noticed this issue since PS's document display engine was changed along with the addition on enhanced GPU support, but it never really hampered my work, until today.


      I'm calling this a bug.



      Ok here we go . . . so, notice the lowercase "c" has some odd light colored shapes inside of it. These are there because I've applied a Bevel. No problem. Just how it should be be.


      This is 100% zoom:




      Now 50% zoom:  (notice the difference)




      Now 25% zoom:  (big difference)




      I was actually working 25% carefully tweaking my little candy letters to get 'em lookin' all nice and shiny. Got to a happy point but then zoomed in. I was dismayed to see the extra bevel I'd applied look like garbage (refer to 100% zoom pic, above).




      Anybody got any info? This is very irritating. Obviously, this project is huge - 28x36in 300DPI poster. Zooming in and out constantly sucks. I don't use Layer Styles that often but when I do I'd like to know that PS isn't lying to me when I'm zoomed out.