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    cs6 very slow printing


      I have two systems.  The first a windows 7 32 bit quad core with 8 gigs ram  cs4 is installed on this sytem.  Time to print a standard job on an epson 4800 (which includes hitting print, selecting options for the printer and then being able to close the file and open another)  less than a minute.


      Recently installed cs6 on new windows 7 x64 intel core i7 system with 12 gigs ram.  I have used both cs4 and cs5 on  this newer system.  Both ran the same file in under a minute to print as outlined above.  Once I installed cs6 however the print time ( as defined above)  for the same file above has now gone to 22+ minutes. on cs6, 18+ minutes on cs5  and approx the same for cs4 (all versions of CS are 64 bit on this system)


      If there isn't an update to cs6 soon, I presume I will have to de-activate cs6, cs5 and cs4  and then re-install cs4 and cs5 to take advantage of my  faster system is that correct?

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          Well the Windows experts will have to jump in, but I see no reason to consider uninstalling and re-installing three different versions of Photoshop to fix a massively weird problem the cause of which you really have not determined.


          Just a caveat so you will wait for more informed advice, as I don't do windows.



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            No idea. Those print issues are elusive at best. Sounds to me more like some system DLL got replaced and in that case just uninstalling the Adobe apps won't fix the issue. Have you done print tests from other Adobe apps like Acrobat/ Reader or InDesign and compared them with printing from a noraml Windows app or anotehr image viewer? Also did you reinstall the printer driver?



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              All fixed - here's what it was - Epson printers create a hidden aud file in  C:\ProgramData\Epson\PRINTER. The bigger it grows, the slower it gets.

              So just delete that file. The driver will create another one next time you print.  Be sure to turn on hidden files first or you will never find it.  Mine had grown to 31 megs and was causing all versions of Photoshop to just hang when you tried to print.  Now works great :-)