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    Why does Chrome insist Adobe Flash Player is out of date, but I have the latest version?


      I run Mac OSx 10.5.8. I am trying to use Chrome, but the Flash is not working on either Safari or Chrome. Chrome insists Adobe Flash is out of date

      , but I have the latest version available to my OS.


      I have tried uninstalling, disabling plugins, reinstalling and enabling.

      I have tried updating via Adobe website over 10 times.

      I have tried switches which just run the outdated plugins...

      I have tried renaming the system plugin in the Library and pasting in Chrome package contents

      I don't have two flash plugins in the chrome:plugins

           This is the error message in the chrome:plugins


      Flash - Version: Download Critical Security Update

      The link goes to the Adobe website to install version, which I already have.



      Please help?