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    Selecting specific values

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      Hi, thank you for viewing my discussion. I have two pdf forms, Order Form and Invoice Form. On the Order Form I have a submit button that submits an FDF file. I then will open the FDF file with the Invoice Form and it populates the form fields. However, the issue I am having is on the Order Form there are a list of items where the user will input the quantity etc and after the FDF is sent and opened with Invoice Form, I would like to just display the items with quantities filled on the Order Form. Does this make sense?


      Example (words in parentheses are what I named the textfield properties):


      Name                                  Description                     Quantity

      Aztreonam (txtName1)        500 mg (txtDesc1)           1 (txtQty1)

      Bactrim (txtName2)             8mg a day(txtDesc2)       0 (txtQty2)

      Cleoncin (txtName3)          150mg(txtDesc3)              1 (txtQty3)


      Would need to display the name, description, and quantity on the Invoice Form of the items with quantities more than zero from the Order Form. Keep in mind the above is only a small example, the real form has 10 items.


      Any help is appreciated!