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    How to replay a scene without referring to its string name? (For a presentation)


      Hello guys,


      I'm creating a presentation, where every slide is a scene. I'm new in Flash, and I use Flash CS6.


      I've succeeded so far in coding the keyboard controls to move me to the next and previous scene without referring to their names, but the problem is the following: each scene is supposed to have some animation that, by default, has to reply until I request it to move to the next slide. How can I give a command at the end frame of the scene that makes it replay the current scene and not the whole flash show?! I expect something like:




      I wouldn't like to refer to the scene's name because I want to use the same code on all scenes without the need to modify it for every scene.


      However, if you have any better suggestions for doing a presentation on Flash, I'd love to hear them. I'm doing what I'm doing because I failed to use the Advanced Presentation template in Flash. I couldn't find a way to add/remove slides. It was extremely ambiguous for me.


      Thank you for any efforts.