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    Searching content of mxml files and displaying the result in result tab

    Sonunew2flex Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am doing one demo application, Which looks like




      Left side navigation and right side content area.


      Left side navigation contains autofill search textinput, when user enters some text and click on search, The result has to show in result tab with search text highlighted.


      Like google search-> link and some content below by clicking on link it has to open that component in new tab.


      I guess for this I need to use deep linking for navingation.


      My question is how can I show search result of application with highlighted text.


      Also my manager is telling he is happy if I use other technology like HTML, Sencha etc. His only concern it should be easy to deploy and share. And also it has to run on all devices like mobile/pads/desktop.


      I am flex developer I am telling flex is best for this, Also how about AIR,


      Please give some suggestion on this,