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    Actions question - 'Save As' for individual layers


      Just wondering if someone could tell me how to make an action that can export individual layers within a PS document and rename each layers in the process.


      I have set up a 320 x 180px canvas and have 'Placed' in about 20 images that all need to be exported with the Save for Web option.

      Problem is, when I set the action to Save for Web and choose the destination, Photoshop names my newly exported image as the document's title (for example, 320x180_Canvas.jpg). But as soon as I try to make it move on to the next layer, it will automatically replace the first exported image with the new one, renaming it the same way, and so on and so on for the next 2 layers...

      So essentially, I can only export one layer at a time - unless I make an action to Save for Web for individual documents and not layers (so instead of having one document with 20 layers, I have 20 documents with one layer)...


      I must be missing a crucial point here. Help would be appreciated!