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    Video psd's that worked in CS5 are not working in CS6 anymore


      I have an old project that I need to rerender and upon opening it I only got still images of the psd's on my timeline. The psd's play fine if I open them in Photoshop CS6. The reason I edited my video in Photoshop was the ability to assign one of the theater preview color profiles to it. I now notice that if I open one my source clips in Photoshop CS6 and try to assign the same profile, trying to recreate the psd's that won't play in premiere, I get completely different colors than with my original files. Also I can't seem to get any video psd to play in premiere, even if I just open a clip in PS and save it without any edits. How can I get my old files to play again in Pr or do I have to install CS5 again?