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    download and open epub files


      What program do I need to download and open epub files?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Adobe Digital Editions forum.

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            Frustrated in AZ Level 4

            The original question was:


            "What program do I need to download and open epub files?"



            You should go to Adobe.com, register and create an Adobe ID during that

            process, then download and install Adobe Digital Editions on your PC or

            Mac.  This program will manage .epub files for you



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              Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

              Simply, create an adobe id(if you don't have one) and download ADE from the below link and enjoy reading your epub files.





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                hollthedoll Level 1

                When I do this it takes me to digital editions installer and after I singn

                in and click "launch", I get a screen with a sample of a Philip K. Dick

                novel. Nothing seems to "install".


                I am looking for a program that will let me download e-pub files from book

                websites which I can subsequently load into my NOOK if I choose.


                What am I doing wrog?





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                  Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                  Hollis, let's set expectations first.


                  Digital Editions runs on your computer, not your ereader.  What it does is

                  interface between the publisher or distributor and you, by taking files

                  from them, reformatting them into readable documents in some cases (in

                  others, checking and maintaining digital rights), and transferring those

                  files (now in .epub format) to your computer.  It keeps a library of these

                  epubs and manages it for you.  You have to have Digital Editions or some

                  other similar program on your computer if you intent to obtain ebooks from

                  various sources.  If you're satisfied with Barnes and Noble and the ebooks

                  they have, then you can link up with them via the Nook's wireless features

                  or through your computer and download ebooks directly to it that way.


                  You do not load Digital Editions or any similar program onto your Nook.


                  Next, at least a couple of people have told you how to the download.  Arpit

                  Kapoor works for Adobe.  His reply tells you how to download Digital

                  Editions and get it installed onto your computer.  So my question to is do

                  you understand what he's saying?


                  If you have a problem with the download, then tell us in a bit more detail

                  what your computer is and what it's running (Windows or Mac).  There are

                  some issues that others have had which relate to Win7, but your post isn't

                  clear enough to tell us whether you're encountering those issues.



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                    hollthedoll Level 1

                    I have a Dell laptop computer with WINDOWS 7.


                    When I sign in to ADOBE I  select "Adobe Digital Editions Installer-

                    Launch". A page immediately opens to a Philip K. Dick novel sample. This

                    happens everytime I sign in and click "launch".  There are no installation

                    prompts or a little bar that shows something is installing.


                    I am not looking for something to install into my NOOK- I am looking for

                    exactly what you described below- an interface between an e-book site  and

                    my laptop.  On my MAC I download e-pub files onto the desktop and from

                    there drag them into my NOOK that I attach to my laptop.


                    I am sorry if I am unclear, I am not fluent in computer-ese and perhaps

                    express myself badly.


                    Thank you so much for your patience.



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                      Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                      My confusion with your posts has been what you said about having software

                      on your computer and your Nook.  You repeated that wording in your last

                      post, and I presumed that you were repeating the request.  Let's look at

                      "the rest of the story".


                      You are on the right site for downloading, but the server was down on

                      Monday and Tuesday, August 27 and 28.  Were you trying to download on those



                      Also, Windows 7 has some security features that do not allow downloads to

                      happen.  Others who've had issues downloading ADE have set their security

                      so that you can download from Adobe.com.  I'd suggest you check that out

                      before trying to download again.  Win 7 is really different from Win XP and

                      obviously from the Mac.


                      When you have ADE installed on your Dell, you just go through the same

                      process you do on the Mac to download and transfer.


                      Hope this helps!