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    Unwanted frames when importing Word 2010 files

    Northern Anorak Level 1



      I'm having a problem with importing Word 2010 files into InDesign CS5.5 and I was wondering if anyone here could help. A quick trawl of the web has uncovered no solutions.


      Even though I use the "Import Options" panel when bringing the file in and am very careful about what I select, Word insists on dragging in a whole extra load of frames. Some are of text boxes placed on to of the main text flow, but others are blank. Even if I deselect the "Import inline graphics" option they still appear. Would anyone know what they are? I think the might be something to do with the placed graphs but they really are a heck of a size. All I want is the main body text and the tables. I know I could save the Word file to plain text and import that (and I do), but we spent a long time setting up match paragraph / character styles between our Word and InDesign files and the effort put into that is now wasted.


      I'm sure I used to be able to just bring in the text, tables and styles that I wanted in the old days - does anyone know what's happening?


      Thanks in advance for any and all advice offered.