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    Help opens by itself

    Mathias17 Level 3

      WIndows 7 x64   |   PS CS6



      For no rhyme or reason, Help often opens itself. Just now while attempting to edit a Channel Mixer adjustment layer's creation dialogue's settings, about 15 browser windows (not tabs but individual windows) trying to load Adobe help docs all popped opened simultaneously.

      Killed Firefox's process and went back to PS.

      Every time I went back to PS though, it would happen again, when I clicked in the Channel Mixer settings.


      Got out of the loop by mashing the ESC button as I switched back to PS, which successfully killed the Channel Mixer dialogue.


      I've seen this behavior in PS for about 4 versions now, but never this severe. How dysfunctional.



      Any comments/thoughts?


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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          It's apparently more or less severe (all the way to non-existent) depending on some unknown factors.  Best guesses seem to be that it's "general memory space corruption".


          I once had it pretty bad with Photoshop CS5 then it was solved completely by a display driver update.


          There's a big, long-running thread on it over on the photoshop.com forum.