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    Weird issue with Chinese language in Premiere only



      As you can see from the image above, certain Chinese characters are just not showing up in Premiere Pro titles. (I copy pasted the two character phrase on the left to the PP title on the right; as you can see, only one character and a space appeared). This has happened for a few other terms. It's making it impossible to properly subtitle my film.


      This is PP CS 5.5, I have all the most recent updates, and haven't experienced this issue in ANY of my other CS5.5 products (I have the production premium package). What the heck is going on here? I need to fix it ....FAST.


      (It's not a language issue on the computer either; I have never had a problem like this with ANY input method in ANY program other than Premiere. However, the problem persists in Premiere across multiple input methods).