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    Create outline on text with space problem

    Jesper G. O. Møller Level 3

      I have been askd to make some buisnescard for a friend

      and he have chosen the font Cloister black http://www.dafont.com/cloister-black.font

      So i have set up the cards in ID (cs5) an trying to export them to pdf but gets the allert that the font cant be embede in the PDF so afte googling the problem i found out the outline part and hvae tryd to use that but keeps getting the alert when exporting to PDF.


      I then have tried to truble shot a litte and found out that it happens when i have a space in the text. I Have to write  (on a path) "Pub & Bar" on the cards with that font and if i remove thae spaceses the alert goes away.


      Is ther anny way to get around this problem ?? ( I know i can replaces the spaces with spaces frome another fonttype but is ther anny smarter way to get around this annoying problem )

      I can understand that ID cant outline a space but i almost see this problem as a bug ?