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    why won't FLASH install on my 64 bit H.P.& y is it linked w /google chrome?!!! TRASH!


      How come i cant get this flash to STAY in my system>? i have a 64 bit system and it always says i "need plug in", plus it is linked to a google entire suiete of bull CRAP,when all i want to do is have my flash working properly.i unchecked the google down load since i already have it! AND..I HATE IT b.t.w.!!!! Still for some reason it will not take hence 1/4 of my online experiences suck because most places use this MESSED up FLASH program to run!! I never had this prob before! Im pissed and tired of messing w it! It is TRash THAT THEY USE THE "FLASH" UP DATER " TO link it w some trash google chrome! Very unprofessional! Since i have used your prod since win 95, and NEVER had these issues! I have LEARNED THAT I CAN NO LONGER COUNT ON ADOBE (*) TO MANAGE./RUN on my computer!!! As a result, i cant do much of any thing! even if i d.l. it every day--it simply will not "TURN ON!"---LIMITING THE VALUE/RESOURCES, MY COMPUTER CAN DO!! THIS IS A NEW H.P...I HAVE CHROME ALREADY..I HAVE EVEN UN INSTALLED CHROME AND RELOADED IT USING THE "FLASH " UP-DATER, EVEN THAT (!!!) WON'T WORK!!!!

          i am/ & always have been used to "ADOBE" TO BE A STAND ALONE PRODUCT & B4 THEY LINKED IT w/google Chrome, it has not worked since!!! it has been a year since i could stream any thing and my machine is tip top! You ppl let us down by linking it w/google! I used to use Adobe for security and resources, but now i hate to see the name, and IT IS THE REASON THAT MY MACHINE WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY!!!SKYPE & MANY OTHER PLACE/PROGRAMS NEED IT TO WORK!!!!! HELP!!!!!!