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    Clearing/Resetting input text boxes

      i have an email form that works built in flash. Id like to know how to clear the fields and make them blank again when the email is submitted and goes through....this is how the code i have looks so far:

      on (release) {
      if (!Email.length || Email.indexOf("@") == -1 || Email.indexOf(".") == -1) {
      EmailStatus = "Please enter a valid E-mail address";

      else if (!FirstName.length) {
      EmailStatus = "Please Enter your first name before Sending";
      else if (!LastName.length) {
      EmailStatus = "Please Enter your last name before Sending";
      //else if (!Subject.length) {
      //EmailStatus = "Please enter a subject before sending your message";
      else if (!Message.length) {
      EmailStatus = "Please enter some text in you message";
      else if (!Phone.length) {
      EmailStatus = "Please input your phone number";
      else {
      loadVariablesNum ("snowMailPHP.php", "0", "Post");
      EmailStatus = "Thank you for your message. We at will respond to you promptly";

      //else if (!ToEmail.length || ToEmail.indexOf("@") == -1 || ToEmail.indexOf(".") == -1) {
      //EmailStatus = "Please enter a valid E-mail address that you are sending this to";}

      //else if (!ToName.length) {
      //EmailStatus = "Please Enter the name of how you are sending this to";}


      What would i add to this to make the fields go blank again after the submission? Thanks