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    Flash Player silent Auto Update function


      I had this setup and working OK and was able to update from 11.3.300.268  to  11.3.300.271  with no problems. Everything was silent and I received no prompts.


      However for some resons now the update functions does not detect \ download new version 11.4.x.x   and the FlashINstall.log shows the below as the last entries  :-


      2012-8-26+8-20-0.385 [info] 1619 1063

      2012-8-26+8-20-0.585 [info] 1614

      2012-8-26+8-20-0.585 [info] 1615

      2012-8-26+8-20-0.586 [info] 1618

      2012-8-26+8-20-0.588 [info] 1604

      2012-8-26+8-20-0.588 [info] 1608

      2012-8-26+8-20-0.639 [info] 1612

      2012-8-26+8-20-0.640 [info] 1620


      anyone any idea as to what the problem might be here because as I say it worked previously and there has been no changes that should cause a problem with this.