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    Build Large Application


      I would like to use Flex 2 to build a system that need to handle large dataset, such as a CRM system with more than 1000 customers. Because I'm not familar with ColdFusion, Java and FDS, I using AMFPHP to retrieve the data from DB. Since AMFPHP does not support dataset paging, when I need to get the whole dataset, for example, the customer list, it needs to wait a lone time to display data.

      I know ColdFusion support the paging dataset but the price of ColdFusion is too high. Except CF, can I use pure Java to create the object for FDS and support paging dataset? If so, is there any example, tutorials I can find via the internet?

      Thanks a lot!
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          I tried AMFPHP at first, but switched to using HTTPService and PHP. The way I handle this as I'm sure do many others is to use the LIMIT keword in my SQL(sorry for the pun). That way if you only want to show 10, 20, 30 records at a time of a very large resultset, you can. And since you're only pulling back that small number of records with each call to the PHP page, the performance will be acceptable to the enduser. But if they have to page through a lot of pages to find what they are looking for, they will get tired of it pretty fast. So, you probably want to look at a way to refine your search, if at all possible.