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    DSLR with SD timeline


      Hi! Hope everyone is well. I'm editing a demo reel and the actress gave me a bunch of different files. Some are 640x480 and some are 1920x1080. I decided to use a ntsc dv preset. the footage looks pretty good, although if anyone has a better idea of a good preset to use with this particular type of project, please let me know. The main issue I have, which might be solved if I didn't choose the right preset, is that I also have dslr footage, 1920x1080, that I shot of her that I want to add to this project. If I add the footage, which was converted via neoscene into an avi and looks great, when I add the footage into the timeline, the quality drops, big time. Like, it's fuzzy and pixellated. If I open the original footage in the preview window, then it looks fine, but if I then double click the same footage in the timeline to see in the preview window, it looks just as bad as the timeline. it's like the footage is completely changed once it goes in the timeline. Is this a preset error? Or can I not mix the footage together? I did scale to frame size since the 1920 was way too big for an SD timeline, but it still didn't change anything.