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    Layout adjustment, overridden master frames, etc

    ddsbleton Level 1

      Hi folks,


      Using Indesign CS 5.5


      I'm facing quite a number of problems with Layout Adjustment, combined with some cross-reference bugs I've discussed in another thread: (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1055578?tstart=0)


      The situation is that I'm trying to resize an entire book's worth of documents (ca. 30 documents) to a completely new page size.  What I thought needed to happen was:


      - make sure all objects were snapped to guides

      - turn Enable Layout Adjustment on

      - in Document Setup, change the page size

      - done


      My documents consist of a small set of header frames and one large text frame per page. When I make the snapping adjustments to the frames in my Master Page, the header stuff adjusts as expected. My Master Text Frame also adjusts as expected.  But on the actual document pages, the text frames aren't adjusted at all. It seems that, by simply pasting text into the Master Text Frames on the document pages, I overrode them, meaning that they are now detached from the Master Page.  Is this correct?


      Fine, so plan B was to simply cut and paste all of the threaded text from my old (incorrectly sized) frames into the new (correctly sized) Master Text Frame.  This works fine, except that it breaks all of the cross-references in the document, and all other cross-references in all other documents in the book (as discussed in the linked thread above.)


      I either need to find a solution that will allow me to:

      - actually resize all of these text frames automatically, across all 700+ pages (the optimal solution)


      - paste cross-references without breaking them, one document at a time (slower, but possible)


      As things stand now, I'm looking at 700+ pages of either manual resizing or manual cross-reference repairing.  There has to be a better way.