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    Too many activations - so mad can barely see straight


      And it is not even the devices themselves it is the applications that they are in (say Overdrive, SonyReader etc) and the fact that some of my devices crashed so I had to delete the apps and redownload them.  Which of course I then had to RE-REGISTER at Adobe.


      But they will not do Chat Live about it and it took me quite sometime to find the phone number (after the website kept shuffling me back to the Chat Live which obviously will not help me!) and then I see on the notes that it is $39 per phone help!!


      What is the point of having it mandatory to have us linked to Adobe, having to have us re-register the applications when they often crash, when we cannot delete the wrongly registered devices on our own account and then you CHARGE us to fix the problem. Something that should have taken me 5 minutes to fix has taken me 2 hr just to get the website to cough up the phone number.


      I'm so frustrated am literally almost in tears.