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    Too many activations - so mad can barely see straight

    Atgordon Level 1

      And it is not even the devices themselves it is the applications that they are in (say Overdrive, SonyReader etc) and the fact that some of my devices crashed so I had to delete the apps and redownload them.  Which of course I then had to RE-REGISTER at Adobe.


      But they will not do Chat Live about it and it took me quite sometime to find the phone number (after the website kept shuffling me back to the Chat Live which obviously will not help me!) and then I see on the notes that it is $39 per phone help!!


      What is the point of having it mandatory to have us linked to Adobe, having to have us re-register the applications when they often crash, when we cannot delete the wrongly registered devices on our own account and then you CHARGE us to fix the problem. Something that should have taken me 5 minutes to fix has taken me 2 hr just to get the website to cough up the phone number.


      I'm so frustrated am literally almost in tears.

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          nwrdavis Level 1

          I just did the chat support option and asked the rep to reset ADE device authorisations, and he was able to in just a few seconds.

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            windsurfer_99 Level 1

            If anyone is still following this chain, thought I would give my final results.  After more than 5 weeks, 1 chat, 5 web cases, 11 web case postings, more than 8 hours of effort, I am officially giving up and admitting defeat. I am no closer to resolving the issue than back in August.  Adobe will not reset my count; they keep trying to debug things asking the same questions; I've spent way too much time on this.  I've asked to have the case escalated but nothing happened.  They say that since ADE authorizes ok, it isn't Adobe's problem regarding Overdrive or eReaders not authorizing.


            One thing that probably aggravated my case is that my Adobe ID is based on my name not an email address; I got this ID several years ago before it was required that they be email addresses.  Adobe says that there were 3 separate records in their database for me; they combined them under my email address, but it didn't change anything from my end.


            So, I have gotten a new Adobe ID. My books purchased with the old ID are un-readable.  If I have to purchase DRM eBooks in the future, I will probably try to use Barnes & Noble since their DRM is easier.


            Good luck to everyone.

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              Atgordon Level 1

              That is terrible I am so sorry for that, was really hoping it was

              rectified for you.

              Will admit that this whole experience, and yours, has affected how many

              ebooks I buy and I have gone back to buying physical ones and just download

              the free ones.