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    Choppy rendered 1080p video in CS5

    Am_I_Lame? Level 1

      I just got a Canon HFG10 that produces 1080p24 video natively with AVCHD and I'm playing around with basic workflow.  I open a clip in Premiere Pro CS5 and export it as 1080p24 h.264 so, it seems to me, nothing is changing.  The resulting video, though, is choppy, with lots of dropped frames (though everything else with it is fine, and the original clip plays fine in Quicktime).  The default bit rate in Media Encoder is higher than the camera's, so I dialed it down to match, but with no apparent improvement.  If I export to 720p, everything's fine.  Are there other configuration parameters I should be adjusting?  I'm running the 64-bit version of CS5 on Win7 x64 on a Core i7 970 (six cores, 12 threads) with 12 GB of RAM, dedicated scratch disk, SSD for apps, and 10K RPM HDD for data.  Thanks.