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    Is it possible to copy Masks from CS6 to CS5?

    mr ten



      I'm working for a production company that gave me some rotoscopy to do do in AE CS6. Then the client gave us an AE CS5 project file to work on compositing for the same project and said that the project should stay in CS5.


      Its a problem because I need the roto shots I made in CS6 now in CS5. I tried to copy them but it doesn't work. I know I could render alpha in CS6 then work in CS5 with the renders but the thing is that I still need the various masks for each shots to create easily z depth of field...


      So I was wondering if there's a way? I dont want and dont have time to go through 10 days of roto again, especially when it's  not fun at all

      Thanks for your precious help