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      I need help using formuals to analyze the data in responses across a row instead for a column.  For example, I use the COUNTNUM function and it works across a few cells, but then it stops calculating at a certain point even though I continue to include cells I want included.

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          Here is the problem I am having in a bit more detail:

          In the View responses area, I have been attempting to use the summary row tool to calculate data acoss a row rather than a column.  I am trying to tally the total number of numeric responses and ultimately the average among those responses for each form submitted.  For example, I use the following formula:

          =COUNTNUM(A1,B1,B2) and it will return the correct response.  HOWEVER, if I include another couple dozen or so cells, it returns an incorrect value.  This happens no matter what formula I use.  As I choose the cells for the formula, they highlight on the table as if the program recognizes them, but the tally is still incorrect.