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    Legal use of donated software(?)




      I coorinate the software and systems for a small children's charity. As a part of our computer education program we have a classroom of computers that we use to teach kids about computers, programming, and various applications. We receive donations of computers form individuals and companies that we use to outfit this classroom.


      We have received a donation of several computers from a graphic design company that have an old version of Creative Suite installed.


      I would like to know if we could legally use the adobe software installed on these computers. Our intension is to use these computers in our classroom for the students. 


      These are cycled down computers so the machines they use in their production environment have newer versions of CS installed on them.


      If we would be running into potential legal issues by using the software for our classes I won't put them in and we'll possibly buy new licenses of the software or go with an alternative (we'd love to teach the kids on adobe products, but they're a bit of price overkill for teaching middle school aged kids), but if it is possible to use the software it would be fantastic.


      Any insight would be appreicated.