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    Odd 5D MKiii footage issue with CS6

    thedillpickle Level 1

      Hey Adobe Peoples!


      Got a bit of an oddity that I'm wondering about. I shot a series of interviews with the 5D MK III, and during the recording process everything seemed fine, but I did get an overheating light after about 30 min and had to chill the camera for a second before we continued on. The same thing happend at the next interview about 30 min down the line.


      Got back to the studio, began ingest, and started cutting up super selects. Around the 30 min mark, my footage suddenly turns into what looks like a movie file that isn't being correctly put together by premiere and the codec.

      Screen Shot 2012-08-26 at 11.16.42 AM.png

      I checked the raw .MOV file and everything seems normal, except that the beginning of the clip starts out black, then there is an audio buzz followed by a beep, and then everything plays normally in quicktime and preview. FCP 7 plays it fine as well (which makes since as it is using quicktime for playback). I can successfully convert the file to pro res with mpeg stream clip and it plays fine.


      My question is... why? What is causing CS6 to playback the file incorrectly?


      Its not urgent, as I can convert to Pro Res... and actually its kind of an interesting effect. But I want to make sure this doesn't become a habit of Premiere.




      Mac OSX 10.8

      2.93 GHZ Intel Core i7

      8 GB RAM

      ATI Radeon HD 5750 1024 MB


      Premeire CS6