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    How do I change a font being used in a document?

    Ken Nielsen Level 1

      When I open a document and the font it is using is no longer available it gives me a message that the font is missing and a substitute will be used, unless I locate and choose a different font. I made that choice with one document, but now I would like to go back and change the default font being used for main text throughout the document. How can I get that window back that tells me what fonts are being used so I can make the change 'document-wide' that I want? I do not want to get into 'styles' as that has been too 'unwieldly' for me in the past. I just want the global window that greets me if a font is missing.





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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Use "Find Font" in the Type menu. Note that there is a button at the bottom to also change the font applied inside styles.


          But really, you should take at least a look at re-defining styles. "Unwieldy", not really -- it only takes a couple of clicks.

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            Ken Nielsen Level 1

            You wouldn't believe the mess that ensues when I try to start using styles in a document. It doesn't happen right away, but soon, the styles conflict and don't apply or become convoluted in a way that I have to throw away the entire document before it infects my system and I have to simply start over. I hate 'styles' and I'm sure it works for somebody, but not for me. The only way I would try styles at this point would be through a college class where I could have an instructor, week after week, where I could bring back my 'mess' and have the instructor show me where I went wrong. At this point, I do not have that and experience has taught me to just don't touch that!


            Thanks Jongware, I'll try those things you recommended. Even though I have used InDesign from the day it was introduced (got rid of Quark in a hurry) there are still areas that are yet to be learned for me. What a great program it is.