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    Long encoding times for footage captured with BMD H.264 Pro Recorder

    JeffKoch Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm experiencing very long render times when encoding footage captured with the BMD H.264 Pro Recorder. Watching it encode (either through Premiere CS6, or AME) it looks like the encoding stops for periods of time. With other footage I can encode a 50 minute project in about 15-20 minutes, encoding with footage from the Pro Recorder is almost 1:1 in terms of project length/encode time.


      The Pro Recorder uses QuickTime for H.264 captures, so don't know if that is causing issues. Don't seem to have the same issue with other H.264 formats.


      System Info:

      • Windows 8 Enterprise (RTM)
      • HP Z820 with dual hexcore processors, 32GB RAM
      • Quadro 2000 plus Tesla for Maximus configuration
      • All latest updates have been installed (yesterday)
      • MPE is enabled for project
      • Also tested on a Z800 with Windows 7 and got same results


      Editing the footage is fast and playback through timeline looks great. Anyone have a suggestion?