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    Tips for double sided printing

    garethirwin1234 Level 1

      Hi team.


      I have been working on a document which is in various sizes.


      In essense its like tabs you pull out from a sleeve, so each one is exactly 2.3cm smaller than the last.


      They work their way up to the size of UK size A4


      Outputting from indesign produces these pages at their various sizes which is fine, but I need to print back to back onto A4 paper then trim. the result is back to back causes the print to be on say the left side of the page on both sides, meaning its not back to back.


      What I think I need is for the files to output to A4 with appropriate marks, so I can print back to back simply. At the minute the only way I can think is to output to PDF then bring them page for page into illustrator and manually line them up for each page then output to PDF again. Seems really clunky.


      I guess what I am asking is, even though the page is one size can I somehow output at A4 with it centered. Or does anyone have any tips on how I can best achieve this for printing with domestic style printers?