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        Kogarashikaze Level 1

        I just want to mention that I've been paying very close attention with every update since my original post early in this thread, and it hasn't happened to me since.  After that initial snafu, further Flash updates have first been taking me to the page where I can uncheck the Google Toolbar/Chrome box before continuing to the actual install page.  It seems to be on a case-by-case basis, which I assume makes it even harder to troubleshoot.

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          chrisc59802590 Adobe Employee

          Unfortunately, I've never been able to reproduce this issue (and I've tried literally thousands of times.)  When this does occur, check your browser history to make sure you don't have multiple adobe.com entries.  The FAQ below describes what pages should be shown when you update:


          Flash Player installation and update questions and answers

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            “and I've tried literally thousands of times” – you need to remember when conversing with computer geekish type people, that we are all anal and OCD, and we filter everything literally.  You sir just set off my ******** detector.  I’ve told you fifty thousand times to never exaggerate!

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              chrisc59802590 Adobe Employee

              No exaggeration.  I've "automated" this update process and had the computer do constant updates for hours at a time, each time verifying that the checkbox was present.

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                I may not have explained very clearly in my earlier post last December, but the problem I seemed to encounter wasn't with the webpage or the checkbox on the webpage, but with an automatic update option that didn't direct to the webpage at all, so there wasn't an opportunity to uncheck the checkbox if that is the default installation option.  I wish I had a screenshot, but this is my best recollection:  the icon in the tray provides a notification that an update is available and asks if you want to install.  If you select yes, it starts installing without directing to the webpage.  The installation includes flash and chrome. 


                If you go to "check for updates" from some other location such is in a dropdown menu or control panel, you are directed to the webpage and have the opportunity to uncheck the checkbox.  I hope this helps. 

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                  chrisc59802590 Adobe Employee

                  Flash Player doesn't display an icon in the tray when updates are available.  This FAQ shows how this is supposed to work:


                  Flash Player installation and update questions and answers


                  In particular, see the section labeled "What should I expect when I receive notification that Flash Player has an update available?"

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                    12345Tom Level 1

                    I haven't had the issue since December, so I don't remember.  I saw this at the bottom of the page you linked:


                    For network Administrators we offer additional update options, including the ability to host your own internal Flash Player update server. Please see our Flash Player distribution page and Flash Player Administrator guide for details.


                    Maybe it had something to do with the way that was setup.  I don't know.  Again, my best recollection at the time was that I wasn't directed to the webpage, and that the install just begin after I asked it to update.  I'm on XP for this computer if that makes a difference.  To be honest, I can't even remember now if the update for was flash or a different Adobe product such as acrobat or reader.  I'm pretty sure it was flash. 


                    Just trying to help troubleshoot.  If the issue is whether or not you are directed to the webpage, rather than the webpage itself, the issue may not be evident.  Also, maybe it is within the local network administrator settings. 

                    Here are my update settings from Control Panel. 


                    flash updates.jpg

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                      chrisc59802590 Adobe Employee

                      It's very possible that you did see a notification in the system tray.  I've suspected that something else (ie. a third party utility) is prompting people to update and that they aren't following the correct guidelines and instead forward people to an installation without letting them opt out.  I have no idea why they'd do that as there would be no benefit for them but our update mechanism is incapable of doing that itself.


                      I appreciate your input and if you ever see this occur again, please take screenshots and send them our way!

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                        12345Tom Level 1

                        OK, So this seems to be different than what I remember experiencing back in December, but this might be what people are experiencing now.  Maybe its what I had happen before, but I don't remember.  I haven't had any issue since then that I'm aware of.  Anyway I have screenshots of what I saw today.  I rebooted my computer today and got the flash update notification screen (not in my tray).  I clicked on the download button and it took me to the web page.  On that page, the page loaded, but there was a delay before the gray box with the check box was visible, but the yellow 'Download Now' button isn't in that box and loads first.  If you respond quickly, it might be possible to hit the 'download now' button before they gray box with the checkbox appears on the screen, causing you do accept the default checkbox option not shown on the screen, in which case you may never see the gray box with the checkbox option.  It might also be possible that they gray box is slower to load or doesn't load for some users?  Three screen shots are provided below.  1.  Update is available screen.  2.  Update web page before gray box with checkbox option is visible.  3.  Update web page after gray box with checkbox option is available. 




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                          12345Tom Level 1

                          In fact I didn't notice before I posted, the text below the gray box and the yellow button are actually different on the two screens.  The first one says, "By clicking the Download now button, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Adobe Software Licensing Agreement [hyperlinked]."  The button says "Download now" and there is no down arrow in front of it.  The second one says, "By clicking the Download now button, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Adobe Software Licensing Agreement [hyperlinked] and the Google Licensing Agreement [hyperlinked].  The button says "Update now" and there is a down arrow in front of it. 


                          I bet users experiencing this issue are seeing the Adobe only option first (no Google option is on-screen) before the Google option box has loaded.  By the time they click the button, the gray box with the Google option check box has then, and the disclaimer text and button have changed from only the Adobe option to the Adobe + Google option.  No wonder people are upset!  I thought it was just a slow load, but that's pretty uncool that there is actually an Adobe only button and disclaimer on-screen just before the delayed Adobe + Google option loads too.  I didn't notice this until after I unchecked the box and installed the update.  I am assuming the disclaimer and yellow button go back to the original Adobe-only versions if you uncheck the option to install Chrome. 

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                            12345Tom Level 1

                            Screenshots:  1.  After the Google Chrome box appears.  2.  After the default checkbox is unchecked.  The Disclaimer above the yellow button adds or removes the reference to google user agreement as option box is checked or unchecked, and both yellow buttons now say "Download now" with a down arrow in front of the text, different than the previous buttons ('Download now' with no arrow, or 'Update now' with an arrow).  Under the resources heading on the right side of the screen, the references to google toolbar and chrome appear or disappear accordingly as the option box is checked or unchecked. 





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                              12345Tom Level 1

                              If the end user agreement information that appears on the screen is correct, that would at least indicate that the initial "Download now" button that appears before the Google Chrome option shows on the screen would only install Flash, because there is no EULA for google or any google related information in the right 'Resources' sidebar.  Therefore, it least appears that the google options would be visible on screen before you could click a button that would install them.  I haven't tested that though.  If clicking that first button that appears does download Chrome, then it is doing so without providing the associated EULA information and link on the screen. 


                              My best guess is that people see the first screen with no google related information and by the time they click the download box, the google option has appeared, and they click the button without noticing it has changed and without unchecking the checkbox for installation of chrome and google toolbar. 


                              Also, it is possible that the different "Download now" buttons described in the last post differed only when I went back to look at those screens.  The "Update now" button may be present when directed to the site after having received the message that an update is available and selecting the "Download" option from the Adobe update dialogue box.  Whereas, the "Download now" buttons in the last post may be present when I go to the site without going through the Adobe Updates screen.  Again, I don't know.  I haven't tested it, but that might be a reason the buttons are different.  If nothing else, the differences in these buttons indicate something different is ocurring internally to display different options, and the poossibility that the associated action associated with each different button could also be different.

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                                I have always taken the time to make sure that a web page downloads completely before clicking to proceed. I have not had the issue of clicking too quickly and then missing info.  When I reported the problem, the checkbox & options to install Google Chrome or not were not present. Adobe may have made modifications on the server side since then to try & replicate this problem. But when I and others initially reported, Adobe did illegally install Chrome on my computer and I was not presented a box to uncheck to prevent this.

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                                  Here it is in late 2014 and Adobe is STILL not providing a way to stop Chrome from loading. I'm frustrated because I refuse to add Chrome and I can't watch or listen to many of my web sites.

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                                    I unchecked the boxes that authorize downloading Google Chrome and the Google Toolbar.

                                    Just as I checked "install" I noticed that the Google Chrome box was checked again.  I definitely did not check the Google Chrome box.


                                    I agree with other users.  There should be a box to check "Do not offer Chrome to me again."  It is a minor irritant that grows each time I see it.  Adobe should consider the cumulative effect on Adobe users.  I may have no choice but to use Adobe Reader and Flash, but I can use competitor's products instead of other Adobe products.

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                                      pwillener wrote:


                                      I didn't install anything on your computer; you did!


                                      And I cannot prevent you from not unchecking the clearly visible checkbox.


                                      Nor from not using the offline installers, which links are posted at least a dozen times here every day.


                                      I guess some of us were just raised to have more morals to not support used car salesman tactics like hiding the checkbox outside the actual installation program.

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                                        I'm not sure if you meant your reply sarcastically but it came across that way.  I'm not sure why adobe is doing business with Google at this level, Google play has removed Flash Player, at least 3 years ago, in favor of HTML5.

                                        With Windows users being the main users of Adobe Flash I don't understand why Adobe would pull something that in my opinion is no better than sites that actively allow "companies" to download large malware packages by tricking users into clicking the wrong button.  It's an underhanded and deceiving practice to force users to opt out of large downloads of software when their only intent was to download a security fix or package upgrade.  At the very worst, the boxes could be presented unchecked as a means to "opt in" to the software.  To say you didn't "force anyone to NOT uncheck buttons, imho, is disingenuous. 

                                        I can only imagine Google's intent here is another "Annoy Microsoft" maneuver.

                                        I thought Adobe was doing well with CC, do they really need to do deals like this?

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