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    Basic AE Questions

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      I have some basic After Effects questions.  I have been through some Adobe TV videos and some YouTube videos as well.  This project was placed in my lap last minute and it has been a long time since I have worked in After Effects so I am very rusty.  I usually work in Flash.  I had forgotten how amazing After Effects is. 


      Here is some background information...  I am working from a template provided to us from the vendor.  The template has one composition already in it to allow for masks and for the size.  According to their instructions, all layers added should go below the guide layer their template composition.  This will be exported as a QuickTime movie according to the specs.  There is no video or sound being imported.


      1.  How do you determine what should be a composition?  For example, I will have apprximately three panels (for lack of a better word). 


      A.  The logo will slide in, then some text will slide in and I will have a colored background.


      B,  Next the color background will change to a different color and the text will slide out but the logo will remain. 


      C.  For the last panel, we are still working on what we want it to say.


      2.  When I try to create a text layer within the template composition, it creates a new layer but does not place it within that composition.


      Thank you!

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I can't really understand your questions, and I think it may be an issue with your use of terms like "composition".


          In AE, a composition is equivalent to a sequence or stage: a composition contains one timeline and all it's layers.  You say when you create a text layer it creates a layer but does not place it within the composition?  So where does it place it?


          Strongly recommend you go through the resources here.

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            mdwebcat Level 1

            Thanks Andrew.  I understand what you are saying and thank you very much for the resources!!  I think I was getting confused because the template provided to us includes two different templates (compositions) to choose from.  I guess once you choose the composition then everything else is automatically included within the composition such as each text layer that you add.


            Also, I am used to working with "stages" and "movie clips" in Flash.  Just trying to remember everything about After Effects because it has been so long since I have worked in it.


            Thanks again.