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    Warp Stabilization at non warp speed!

    Nikon D90 Gent II

      Anti-tripod shake offset solution via Premiere Pro's Warp stabilization?



      Last night to my dismay, I discovered that most of the footage shot on 2 of my cams earlier that day was variable between being:


      a) Unstable- almost still, some vibrations -minor "tremors"


      b) Still as intended.


      c) Somewhat to considerably wobbly ( i.e. up and down motion as a bonus)


      Each clip is 28.5 minutes or in excess of 50,00 frames. Unfortunately, I do not have CUDA acceleration.

      Pro estimated the time to analyze each clip "in the background" at approx 515 minutes!!

      You have to be kidding me, that's running the pc all night while I sleep for 3 consecutive nights.


      So now I definitely need sage advice on how to resolve this issue to the extent possible.


      1) What Warp Stabilizer parameters (with exact settings) would offer me the best hope of obtaining usable footage?


      2) Is there any way to speed up the file analyzation process short of buying a system with CUDA specs?

      Why is it taking so long, it's worse then rendering. Present status is unemployed.


      The purported ability/claim to transform shaky footage to being fairly smooth was one of the key reasons why I made this major upgrade in the past couple weeks.


      How effective is this efx in Prem Pro?


      What should I be doing to move forward?


      Any suggestions as to how to rectify the problem would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.