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    XML data (image and accompanying filename)?

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      I just recently viewed some video tuts and read some Flex material so I'm a little more comfortable with all of its syntaxes and such.


      However one thing that eludes me when I tried to do this on my own was calling an XML file in mxml and having Flash Builder display the filename and the appropriate image (a jpg file).


      I have an XML file that I automatically created using a shell command which is a shortened version of a directory listing of the jpg files on my hard drive in a specific folder.  I manually cut out everything but the first entry so that I could save time since that folder has lots of jpgs.


      Now, what am I doing wrong that I can't get the XML data to display both the jpg as a visual image object and the filename pulled from one of the attributes in the XML file?


      I'm not posting any code yet in hopes that I can get a direct answer with a code example.  Some of the code seems rather long for me to post here before getting some insight.


      Thanks in advance,



      P.S.  This first example is for a web application, not an Adobe AIR runtime.