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    ideal drive quantity in a RAID3

    Frédéric Segard Level 2

      I'm reinstalling my computer and will install CS6 update this week (when I receive it from Adobe). I took the opportunity to update my Asus P9X79WS and Areca 1880ix-16 (installed in PCI slot 6 with the most recent versions. I have 12x 500GB WD RE4 drives. I had them configured as 8x RAID3 for media, and 4x RAID0 for cache and pagefile. (using an SSD for boot drive)


      I was wondering if there was an ideal drive quantity in a RAID3 set. Example: 9 drives, 8 for data and 1 for parity. A byte being 8 bit... my thinking was if I separated the drives in a logical byte divisable fashion, it would perform slightly better. (other then the fact that there would be an extra drive in the set)


      Also, to all you Areaca geniuses out there. Are there optimal settings for me to use in setting up the card in the system configuration page?