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    to frustrated in AZ


      HI. I finally had time to sit and deauthorize my computer so I could reauthorize using an ID I might have used before I got my new computer. you told me to try by opening my ADE and using control-shift-D, deauthorize and then when I open or try to open an ebook needing ADE it will ask me to authorize it. Here's the problem. I clicked on my ADE which is on my desktop. It opens showing my library and the front covers of all the ebooks...(basically a brown box with all this inside) I did the control shift D but nothing happened. I tried again after clicking on library (top left) then clicking on authorize my computer (box opens when I click on this saying I'm already authorized under current ID) and while this box was open I did the control shift D again. Still nothing happens. Am I understanding correctly when I open my ADE on my desktop or do you me going to ADE home page on the web...well coming here? Or am I really so computer illiterate that I've missed a step...might make me cry...lmao...being that your instructions really did seem easy. Sorry to keep asking you for help, but you seem to be the only one really paying attention. I do appreciate it.